Peony Flowers and Feng Shui

04/05/2011 16:20
In Feng Shui, flowers play a significant role. They are used to enhance certain field-points in the house.

Peony flowers play a significant role in Feng Shui. These are associated with women in the house. If there are marriageable girls in the family, hanging a picture or painting of peony flowers in the living room will be effective in bringing a good match. It will bring marriage luck to the family. The best place to hang the picture or painting is the living room.

Peony flowers bring marriage luck

Real peony flowers can also be used instead of a picture or painting. For better results, keep them in the Southwest corner of the living room.

If a girl want to get find a suitable match, she should hang a painting of peonies just outside her bedroom door. Married women should never keep paintings or pictures of peonies in the bedroom. Doing so can make her husband develop interest outside the marriage. So, it is best to hang the picture in the living room. If only husband and wife live in the house and no one else, it is not necessary to hang a picture of peonies. However, hanging a picture of peonies in the living room will activate the romance luck. – Source: Feng-shui-advice
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