Make a White Living Room Chic & Unique

03/04/2012 14:05
If you have white based living room décor, and you dread the thought of a complete overhaul, or committing to an entirely new solid color scheme, then fear not, there are plenty of other ways in which you can add punch to your existing interior.

Color introduction doesn’t have to be overwhelming, try introducing a glow of orange, or pop of green via area rugs and lampshades, cushion covers and accessories, which are all easy to change out later if you get bored.

If you find you love your new accent colors, you can go a little further by investing in colored furniture, but it’s also possible to anchor a floaty white room by using deep, rich wood tones, which will add neutral warmth and texture.

Your white walls are the most versatile there is, but if you would like to add a splash of color to your backdrop too, then why not try painting a canvas in your accent color, or invest in a complimentary piece of art?

If you already have beloved artwork in monochrome tones, then you could reframe the pieces in bright surrounds, or repurpose the ones you have with no more than a tester pot of paint; just remember to give your wooden frames a light sanding to allow the paint to adhere properly, or ask for advice in your DIY store for the best products to stick to your plastic and metal frames.

If you are happy with your pure white palette, and are looking to add impact in a more neutral way, then your light fitting is a great place to start. As your décor is already paired back in hue, then you can afford to go large with your pendant; think oversized drum shades or light reflecting sculptural glass.
 - Source: Home-designing
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